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The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available for ages 12 and older. Click here to schedule an appointment.


Pardee UNC Health Care joined a select group of hospitals in the state and country as it began its COVID-19 vaccination process.

Pardee UNC Health Care began its COVID-19 vaccination process in December 2020. Within hours of receiving its first shipment of the FDA-approved Pfizer vaccine, Pardee vaccinated a group of ten front line, high-risk healthcare workers.

The first person to receive the vaccine was Dr. Chona Reguyal, a primary care provider with Pardee Family Medicine Associates followed immediately by Jamie K., a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit.

“That felt great,” said Reguyal immediately after her vaccination. “I’m just so excited to be able to get this vaccine and to tell my patients how important it is. This is a big moment for our community.