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Vaccine supplies at UNC Health are very limited. We are aware of the concern this is causing and are working hard to administer as many vaccines as possible. Please note that limited vaccine supply will not affect our ability to provide a second dose if you have already received your first dose. Learn more.

Other frontline workers to follow as Phase 3 expands.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced on Feb. 10, 2021 that teachers and all school personnel who are currently in or returning to in-person roles at daycares, preschools and/or K-12 schools will be eligible for a vaccine as a prioritized group within Phase 3 of the vaccine distribution plan beginning Feb. 24, 2021.

At this time, the Governor intends to open up the eligibility to all of North Carolina’s frontline essential workers on March 10. Additional guidance from the North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services is expected to follow. Learn more about Group 3.

Vaccine supplies at UNC Health are very limited. If you are currently eligible, you must schedule an appointment to receive a vaccine. Walk-ins are not accepted.

We will have clear instructions for our teachers and other eligible folks well before Feb. 24th. Learn more: Get Vaccinated