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UNC Health is closely monitoring the situation regarding the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. As a precaution, we will follow the FDA’s recommendation and pause vaccinations using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine until federal authorities are able to review data and provide further guidance. Patients who were scheduled to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at UNC Health vaccination clinics today will be offered one of the other vaccines where possible or rescheduled as necessary. Severe reactions are rare. Click here for information on when to seek medical care.


Hear from UNC Health co-workers and community members about their experiences with COVID-19 vaccines.

If you want to share your shot on Facebook, find instructions on how to do it here.

“I took my shot to protect my family!”

Brandy Burd

Director of CCU, UNC Lenoir Health Care

“This is my shot to…change the ending.”

Diana McClinton

MD, Emergency Medicine, Caldwell UNC Health Care

Why I’m Participating in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

4 Participants in COVID-19 research at UNC Health

Clinical trial diversity benefits everyone–hear from four people participating in COVID-19 research at UNC Health. When new medicines or drugs are developed, researchers want to make sure they work and are safe… Read More

“I took my shot to save lives!”

Dr. Claire Paris

Chief Medical Officer, UNC Lenoir Health Care

“I took my shot to live again.”

Dr. Joe Roberts

VP and Chief Medical Officer, UNC Health Southeastern

“I took my shot for the lives lost!”

Brittany Ferrell

Director of Med/Surg, Flex Pool and COVID Unit, UNC Lenoir Health Care

“I took my shot ¡protegernos a TODOS!” (to protect us ALL!)

Amy Kinsey

Language Services Coordinator, UNC Lenoir Health Care

UNC Health Co-Workers Receive Second Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

UNC Health

Getting the second dose is a crucial part of protecting yourself from COVID-19. Co-workers across UNC Health are rolling up their sleeves (again!) to receive the second dose of their COVID-19 vaccination.… Read More

The Perfect Pandemic Date Night… Getting Vaccinated Together!

UNC Clinicians Dr. Matt Ewend and Dr. Lisa Carey

Husband and wife team and UNC clinicians Dr. Matt Ewend and Dr. Lisa Carey received their COVID-19 vaccinations on a ‘date night’ in late December 2020. “This feels huge. Getting vaccinated and… Read More

Orlando Reyes on Vaccine Importance for the Latinx Community

Director of Environmental Services at UNC REX Healthcare

Orlando Reyes, Director of Environmental Services at UNC REX Healthcare, shares the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19 (en español). “Is very important for us, in particular the Latino community….It is a… Read More

I Took My Shot: UNC Health Co-Workers

UNC Health

UNC Health co-workers share why they chose to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “This is what we’ve been waiting on for a long time,” said Dr. Gary Burke, a UNC Emergency Department physician.… Read More

I Took My Shot: Jamal Francis

Discharge Hospitality Center at the UNC Medical Center

“I miss my family gatherings and things like that. I want things to get back to normal and I think the vaccine is a start.” Jamal Francis, from the Discharge Hospitality Center… Read More

Governor Roy Cooper Visits UNC Friday Center

North Carolina Governor and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary

Governor Roy Cooper and NCDHHS Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen visited UNC’s large-scale vaccine site on January 20, 2021. The UNC Friday Center continues to ramp up COVID-19 vaccination efforts, and Governor Roy… Read More

“I took my shot because I’m ready for this to be over and I would do anything to make that happen.”

Bambi Austin

CMA, Laurel Park