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Vaccine supplies at UNC Health are very limited. We are aware of the concern this is causing and are working hard to administer as many vaccines as possible. Please note that limited vaccine supply will not affect our ability to provide a second dose if you have already received your first dose. Learn more.

Orlando Reyes, Director of Environmental Services at UNC REX Healthcare, shares the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19 (en español).

“Is very important for us, in particular the Latino community….It is a blessing for those of us that have the opportunity to get this vaccine, but I hope that all of us, who will have this opportunity sooner or later, will get vaccinated, because there are so many people in our community that have been affected by this virus, and with the vaccine available to us, we have to take advantage of this opportunity and get vaccinated to protect ourselves and protect our families and our friends.”

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Mobile clinics bring vaccines into houses of worship and other community sites

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Dr. Michael Joselevich

Chief of Staff, Onslow Memorial Hospital

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Dr. Lowry

Chief Medical Officer, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot to protect my family, my patients and myself.”

Dr. Kenneth Moore

Emergency Department Physician, Nash UNC Health Care

“I had done a lot of background research scientifically — not research from the press — and I decided that this is the right thing to do at the right time…”

Dr. Bertrand Fote

Emergency Department Medical Director, UNC Rockingham Health Care

“I took my shot to protect my patients and community.”

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North Carolina Football Legend

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