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The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available for ages 12 and older. Click here to schedule an appointment.



Hear from UNC Health co-workers and community members about their experiences with COVID-19 vaccines.

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I Took My Shot: Dr. Laura Hester

Medical Director, Emergency Department, Chatham Hospital

“For myself and my staff and for the people of our community, this is a huge, hopeful, great thing.”

I Took My Shot: Loc Culp

MICU Clinical Manager, UNC Medical Center Chapel Hill

Loc Culp, clinical manager of the Intermediate Care Unit, gets the first COVID-19 vaccine at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, on December 15.

“This is a new day and hopefully the beginning of the end of COVID-19.”

Dr. David Wohl

MD, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Medical Director of the COVID Vaccination Clinic, UNC Hillsborough

“I have nine grandbabies that I want to see grow up.”

Tonygia Lynch

Nursing Assistant and Diagnostic Tech, Emergency Department, Nash UNC Health Care

I Took My Shot: Dr. Kelly Klocek

ED Physician, Onslow Memorial Hospital

Dr. Kelly Klocek, an ED physician at Onslow Memorial Hospital, recently received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and brought along a special guest – her three month old son Gabriel, who… Read More

“I took my shot to protect my family.”

Jurrell Suddreth

Clinical Nurse Manager, Intensive Care, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“My participation ensures I can provide front line support in whatever capacity is needed.”

Dr. Lee Isley

CEO, Nash UNC Health Care

Lisa took her shot to protect friends, co-workers and family who are high risk, to set an example as a leader and to encourage people of color, who are affected at higher disproportions, that the vaccine is safe and can potentially save lives.

Lisa Johnson

Employee Health and Wellness Manager, UNC Health Southeastern

“I did this for my community, my patients. There’s been plenty of research so I’m confident. Get it, it’s well worth it to protect your family.”

Sabrina Dupey

PCT Unit Secretary, IMCU, Onslow Memorial Hospital

“I would highly encourage getting the vaccine, it’s for everyone’s safety, to make sure that we are protected.”

Dr. Josephine Malfitano

DNP, AVP Emergency Department, Onslow Memorial Hospital

“I took my shot because I want to be safe.”

Dolly Hinston

NA I, Administrative Associate, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot to protect my family.”

Cecil Watson

Manager, Maintenance & Ops, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot because I love my family and I don’t want them to get this ugly virus.”

Catina Anderson

Medical Coder - Physicians Practice, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot because I want to keep this virus out of my house.”

Audie Bartlett

Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Anesthesiology, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot to protect my friends and family.”

Wesley Benfield

Medical Assistant, Caldwell Urology Associates

I Took My Shot: Rev. William Barber II

N.C. civil rights leader vaccinated at public event

The Reverend William Barber II and Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Mandy Cohen got their COVID-19 vaccinations at a public vaccination event on March 5,… Read More

UNC Health Launched Its Mobile COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Selma, NC

UNC Health launched its mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic to help reduce racial and ethnic disparities on Wednesday, Feb. 3, in Selma, NC, in Johnston County.

“I took my shot because I want to protect my family, my patients and myself.”

Shelly Miller

FNP-BC, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot to end the pandemic.”

Jessie Gallier

RN, IMCU, Onslow Memorial Hospital

“I took my shot to do my part.”

Jerry Coy

CRNA, Anesthesia, Onslow Memorial Hospital

UNC Health’s Mobile COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Visits Benson, NC

UNC Health’s mobile COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic has hit the road administering hundreds of vaccines to underserved communities.

“We want to make sure that we are efficient, that we are continuing to provide that great customer service to patients and make sure they have a great experience while they come… Read More

“I took my shot because I want to keep healthy and everyone around me healthy.”

Ginger Blinson

Maintenance Supervisor, Caldwell UNC Health Care

UNC Mobile Vaccination Clinic Reaches Underserved Communities in Johnston County

Mobile clinics bring vaccines into houses of worship and other community sites

UNC Health’s mobile vaccination clinic, which brings vaccines into houses of worship and other community sites, was featured on ABC11. The goal of the mobile clinic is to get vaccines to underserved… Read More

“I think if people are concerned about the side effects of the vaccination, they should think about the side effects of getting infected with coronavirus – it has killed over 300,000 people just in the United States.”

Dr. Michael Joselevich

MD, Chief of Staff, Onslow Memorial Hospital