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The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available for ages 12 and older. Click here to schedule an appointment.



Hear from UNC Health co-workers and community members about their experiences with COVID-19 vaccines.

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“We took our shots because we believe that the COVID-19 vaccines will save our lives, the lives of our families and friends, and the lives of our patients!”

Jade and Edna

Mammographers for the UNC Mobile Mammography Department, UNC REX Healthcare

“I took the shot because I want to save lives and protect my family as well as others.”

Vanessa Snellings

MHSA, BSN, RN, Pain Management, UNC REX Healthcare

“I took my shots for my family; my grandfather died on 4/21/2020 from COVID-19. Also, I took my shots to help END COVID!!!”

Lavon’sina McNair

Medical Assistant, UNC Urgent Care

“I took my shot to save lives.”

Maribel Nieves

Medical Office Asst/Admin, PMO Admin, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“I took my shot to protect us all.”

Bernadette Allington

Respiratory Therapist, REX UNC Pulmonary Specialists

“I took my shot to protect those around me, and to show family and friends it is safe to be vaccinated. We ALL want a shot at a return to normal!!!”

Bill Britt


“I took my shot to protect the staff and residents at our Skilled Nursing Facility.”

Haylian York

UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center Apex

“I took my shot to protect the people I love and to show support for all of our healthcare co-workers!”

Kirsten Riggs

UNC REX Executive Team

“I took my shot to be able to hug anyone and everyone!”

Timothy Brant

UNC REX Emergency Department, UNC REX Healthcare

“I took my shot for research so science could learn from me and so others could have the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

Jenise Finfrock

RT (R), Urgent Care, UNC Cary/Beaver Creek

“I took my shot because I want to get people back with their families, friends, and co-workers. I want to be part of the team that helps North Carolina return to a better normal.”

Leigh Foushee

PharmD, Manager, Carolina Assessment of Medications Program (CAMP)

Trusted Voices on COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance: Dr. Alexa Mieses Malchuk

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Chairman Godwin took his shot to fight back against the coronavirus and to encourage all people to take their shot when their time comes. Mrs. Godwin took her shot to protect herself because of her age and recent health issues.

Harvey Godwin, Jr. & Sheila Godwin

Lumbee Tribal Chairman and wife, UNC Health Southeastern

“I took my shot to encourage others to get their COVID-19 vaccination.”

Dr. Soheil Assar

UNC Cardiology at Eden

“As a healthcare provider, I think it’s an honor to get the vaccine. I believe that we can do the best we can to help our patients, our community, ourselves, our family by getting vaccinated.”

Dr. John Holder

Onslow Memorial Hospital

“What encouraged me to get the vaccine… I have not hugged my dad in a year, so to be able to do that.”

Crystal Lublin

Onslow Memorial Hospital

I Took My Shot: Dr. Laura Hester

Medical Director, Emergency Department, Chatham Hospital

“For myself and my staff and for the people of our community, this is a huge, hopeful, great thing.”

I Took My Shot: Loc Culp

MICU Clinical Manager, UNC Medical Center Chapel Hill

Loc Culp, clinical manager of the Intermediate Care Unit, gets the first COVID-19 vaccine at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, on December 15.

“This is a new day and hopefully the beginning of the end of COVID-19.”

Dr. David Wohl

MD, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Medical Director of the COVID Vaccination Clinic, UNC Hillsborough

“I have nine grandbabies that I want to see grow up.”

Tonygia Lynch

Nursing Assistant and Diagnostic Tech, Emergency Department, Nash UNC Health Care

I Took My Shot: Dr. Kelly Klocek

ED Physician, Onslow Memorial Hospital

Dr. Kelly Klocek, an ED physician at Onslow Memorial Hospital, recently received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and brought along a special guest – her three month old son Gabriel, who… Read More

“I took my shot to protect my family.”

Jurrell Suddreth

Clinical Nurse Manager, Intensive Care, Caldwell UNC Health Care

“My participation ensures I can provide front line support in whatever capacity is needed.”

Dr. Lee Isley

CEO, Nash UNC Health Care