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The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available for ages 12 and older. Click here to schedule an appointment.


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How to ensure vaccine information is accessible

Providing accurate and trusted vaccine information to those who speak Spanish is crucial. However, language barriers create challenges for helping Spanish speakers get vaccinated. Many resources, such as websites, fliers, and phone lines, are often only in English.

As a result, Hispanic and Latinx people are getting COVID-19 vaccines at a slower rate than other groups. Hispanic and Latinx people are more than three times as likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19 and more than twice as likely to die.

Please note, all UNC Health vaccine resources, including this website and webpage, are available in English and Spanish.

Why did you get the COVID-19 vaccine, and why would you recommend it?

¿Por qué te pusiste la vacuna de COVID-19 y por qué la recomendarías?

Spanish Resources

Providing both print resources, as well as links to digital resources can help ensure those with language, literacy, or technology barriers can stay informed. If your group or organization includes Spanish speakers, access resources in Spanish below.

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